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Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:57 pm      
Basically this will display a watermark map on top of your eq screen, but below your GUI (inventory, chat window, etc). The map is in 3D, in perspective, can be rotated, zoomed, tilted, faded, and otherwise adjusted. Most objects in the game are represented with 3D models that can be customizable (if you like to torture yourself with long lists of numbers). It's really something you need to see. If you click this sections header there is a video posted.

This will, when enabled, automatically tile your client windows so that you can see all of them at once. The inactive ones will be shrunk and put in thumbnails around the central active one. Clicking a thumbnail causes it to be swapped, and enlarged, with the previous active window. Click the title to view a quick video of it in action.

This currently only works on Titanium. It gives the client additional control over the distance the character can see. This can be set to 0 distance on background windows, freeing up resources to increase how many toons you can bot.

This gives the client control over his window titles. Variables can even be used. So Maudigan's window title could very easily be: Maudigan L:98% M:50% S:25%.

This is a super simple plugin. It has an ini where you set your carrier and cell phone number. Then in game you do a "/sms <text>". This will, depending on your carriers speed, show up on your phone nearly instantly as a text message.

This will give you a new follow command. Emu servers tend to lag a little. A character isn't always standing exactly where it looks like he is standing. This makes most follow methods fail. This method uses eqbc to transmit location data and relies on your internal network speed instead of your play servers speed. Points are also recorded as a path and replayed in a way where you can run specific patterns and the follower wont round them off, he will follow the exact footsteps.

This uses a modified netbots to populate a fully functioning remote inventory. It can be seen by clicking the link above and watching the video.

This is a simple little plugin that lets you set a macro to always run on a per character (or all character) basis at game startup.

This plugin gives you contextual pods for each character in netbots. It's hard to explain what it does but its insanely powerful, check out the video at the link above.

This is a tool that will let you quickly at a glance see what your toons are doing. See their buffs, their position, their life, and mana. It's extremely powerful and makes you very accurate when controlling many toons, but it can take awhile to setup and doesn't seem to be widely used. Because of this initial development has started to move it into the EQ window and make it set itself up.
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