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TheConquistador   Send PM
Co-Founder (Retired)


Fri Feb 06, 2009 6:52 pm      


This is a rewrite of an concept by Itchy. A modified NetBots provides coordinates to every other character. When you follow one of these characters, their coordinates are saved in a list of playback waypoints. The character immediately heads towards the first playback point, when it reaches it, it checks it off and moves to the next point. In essence it follows in their footsteps. The point of using netbots to send/recieve the playback coordinates is that it takes the game server out of the equation and instead counts on the reliability of your local network; it's lag-resistant.


/netfollow <on|of|pause|unpause|clear>

  • /netfollow on
    Follows your target
  • /netfollow off
    Kills the follow
  • /netfollow pause
    Suspend the follow
  • /netfollow unpause
    Unsuspend follow
  • /netfollow clear
    This will clear all the current waypoints, but keep follow on. This would be used in a macro if say you had line of site, and targets distance was less than 20 then you could /netfollow clear, and your toon would stop following the recorded waypoints and just run straight to the target.

Top Level Objects


netadvpath NetAdvPath The top level object for this plugin.



string Monitor The name of the target you are following.
bool Paused Is playback paused?
bool Following Are you currently following?
int Distance This is not the distance as the crow flies, but the sum of the distance between all the waypoints in the playback list.
int State 0=off, 1=following
int Status 0=off, 1=following, 2=paused


/echo ${NetAdvPath.Distance}

INI File Settings

The ini file will automatically try to pull settings from the section named after your character. If that is not present it will pull from the [Default] section. The settigns are as follows:
  • FollowDistance
    How close your follower will get to the target.
  • TriggerDistance
    This is a distance that fires triggers when your follower goes beyond this range, or comes back within this range. This is not a line of sight distance, but the length of all the waypoints in the recorded playback list.
  • TriggerOut
    This string will get parsed(meaning you can use logical variables like ${If}), and then executed as a command when your follower goes beyond the TargetDistance.
  • TriggerDistance
    This string will get parsed(meaning you can use logical variables like ${If}), and then executed as a command when your follower goes back within the TargetDistance range.
  • WaypointAccuracy
    This is how close the follower gets to a waypoint before he checks it off his list. You probably shouldn't mess with this.

INI File Example


TriggerOut=/bct ${NetAdvPath.Monitor} I'm falling behind!
TriggerIn=/bct ${NetAdvPath.Monitor} I'm catching back up!



This requires the eqbcserver compiled on or after 26 september 2010


This requires the mq2eqbc.dll compiled on or after 26 september 2010


This requires the mq2netbots.dll compiled on or after 26 september 2010. Netbots send/grab must also be turned on.

Gold Membership

This does require a gold membership to use. Because of this you'll need to have MQ2VMQNet Loaded, and have type /login <user> <pass>, or have set your user and pass in the VMQNet INI file for autologin. You can sign up for membership here.

sorvani   Send PM
Senior Project Member

Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:52 pm      
has this been dropped? I don't see it in the full sod download? also the modified netbots, is that in the build?

Maudigan   Send PM
Project Lead

Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:57 pm      
Most of the "emu" ones with the exception of emusearch are in the gold are, if you want to look at it I'll add some time for you.

The netbots for gold is the same as netbots in full. You could theoretically write a macro that works like emunetadvpath.

EDIT: you should have access now, added a month. You're mq2cast I sent you should work, i still haven't added it to the distrobution. I'm working on a new top-secret plugin that will modify 3 existing plugins, and add a new one. I figured I would wait to post the new distro till I got this new one done. If I finish it anyway, its a little ambitious.

sorvani   Send PM
Senior Project Member

Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:33 am      
Thanks for the clarification. Wasn't sure what was and was not gold.

Vastlee   Send PM

Tue Feb 14, 2012 12:53 am      
You could do more than 'theoretically' write a macro that did it, cause I wrote it! Which is what gave Itchy the idea to do a plugin. I get no respect :P

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