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Wed Oct 21, 2009 8:27 pm      
This is a very simple plugin that will allow you to send SMS Text Messages to your cell phone from macroquest. This plugin is available in the gold member area.

set up your MQ2EmuSMS.ini file. It should look something like the following. You carrier can be att, verizon, tmobile, sprint, or virgin.
The number must be 10 digits, area code first with no spaces, dashes, or parenthesis.

Code (legacy):
Carrier = att
Number = 7025559875

After that is setup you just type /sms [message] in game and it will send your text. I did not include a command to setup the ini file automatically as this is not intended to be sending messages to many number, only your own. So the need to modify the file should be fairly infrequent.

In order to function this does bounce your message off an MQEmulator operated server. The package contents are only analyzed for the carrier and number, the message itself is not analyzed. No data is stored, monitored or tracked, but if you are concerned about privacy you can disable or delete the plugin without any adverse effects.

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Project Lead

Mon Dec 21, 2009 8:50 pm      
Added carrier "uscellular"

PM me if your carrier isnt listed... also if someone has a number outside of the US please shoot me a PM with your carrier, cause I think I might be able to accomidate non US numbers now too.

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