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Software Documentation -> MQ2EmuWindowTitles
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Maudigan   Send PM
Project Lead


Fri Jan 27, 2012 2:44 pm      
This will allow the user to dynamically change the titles of their game windows. You can include things like HP, Mana, Names, etc.

You shouldn't have to interact with the ini file in order to use this. However commands are parsed so if you are using variables be sure to precede these commands with a /noparse command. Otherwise the variables will be crunched and the current value will be hard-coded.

This will force a reloading of the INI file.

/noparse /title global <title>
This will set the title to be used by all characters that are loaded. Executing this will update the character you execute it on, but to see the results on other character you must wait for your next reload, or execute /title to force a reload. A blank title will disabled titles.

/noparse /title character <title>
This will set the title to be used by the current character only. If this is set it always overrides the global title.

/title help
Displays a much briefer form of this file to the EQ window.


Gold Membership
This does require a gold membership to use. Because of this you'll need to have MQ2VMQNet Loaded, and have type /login <user> <pass>, or have set your user and pass in the VMQNet INI file for autologin. You can sign up for membership here.


Not available on SoF
It can be used on Titanium, Seeds of Destruction, and Underfoot.

Supra297   Send PM

Wed Oct 24, 2012 10:14 pm      
Nice; however, what goes in the <title> to give you HP, MP, name, and etc, surely it is some variable.

Example, I want to do:
/noparse /title global <somevariableforaname> and have all windows update to the toons name. Maybe add in health too, which should dynamically update right?

Maudigan   Send PM
Project Lead

Thu Oct 25, 2012 7:46 am      
Maudigan HP:25%

/noparse /title global ${Me.Name} HP:${Me.PctHPs}%

Maudigan HP:25% Mana:10%

/noparse /title global ${Me.Name} HP:${Me.PctHPs}%  Mana:${Me.PctMana}%

You can take out the text and symbols and stuff too if you are a minimalist

Maudigan 25

/noparse /title global ${Me.Name} ${Me.PctHPs}

Some other ideas might be putting the zone name they are in or their distance from your main character. Alot of this information can be displayed using MQ2EmuCharacters though so it might be beneficial to just display all the info there and leave the window titles as just the character name... I supose that's a matter of preference though.

Sorry for the delay BTW, I hit the hay early last night.

Supra297   Send PM

Thu Oct 25, 2012 7:34 pm      
Don't have to apologize, your doin an awesome job Maudigan, thanks!

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