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Change Log -> 19 Oct 2013
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19 Oct 2013

Sat Oct 19, 2013 9:15 pm      

Titanium, SoD, Underfoot, and ROF have all had their max level increased to 300. This gets used on servers with higher than normal level caps. If you are on a standard server you shouldn't notice any difference. If you are on an effected server your /target command should work now! Anything else that does a standard spawn search like ${NearestSpawn[]} and ${Spawn[]} will also be corrected.

MQ2EmuCharacters RoF Beta

There are two beta builds of this plugin out there for download now. The first one is in the RoF download. It is a simple update that makes the character pods wrap to the next column/row. Some people had so many toons the pods would tile off the bottom or side of the screen. This should fix that.

MQ2EmuCharacters Underfoot Beta

The other, and this is the bigger one, is in the Underfoot download. It really restructures the way the plugin and the ini file work. It does away with the Button object type, and adds in an Icon type. This Icon type has some new properties. The Graphic property, which lets you set a different UI graphic element to be displayed in it's place and the Index property which lets you determine which frame of that graphic to display.

Take for example A_DragItem. This is the graphic your inventory uses to display an item. It contains every single item in the game and they are indexed. A_DragItem with an index of 531 might be some leather sleeves. 502 might be a steel helm. These properties, Graphic and Index, are parsed. So you could add an Icon to your characters pod that displayed the item on their cursor.

What I've used it for in the default INI of this beta build is to display each characters buff icons next to their pod--you can see all your characters buffs at once (their small!). I've made the buttons on the pod graphical, and the graphics change based on what your character is doing. So the down arrow on the sit button becomes and up arrow (for stand) when you are already sitting. In addition to these changes I added a command, /clickbuff <spell id>, which when used will cause your character to click on the buff with the matching spell id. This is applied to the new buff icons on the pod so you click a buff and it sends a command to that toon to remove the buff. This is what that all looks like

I can't stress this next part enough. The user interface files have changed. If you download Underfoot Gold build you need to recopy the contents of the MQ/UIFiles/ folder over the old versions of the files in your EQ/uifiles/default folder. If you don't the pods will probably show up as invisible or something else wonky.

Please, if you can, give me some feedback on this. The default INI file isn't in it's final form, your feedback will help! Should the default functionality of the buttons change? I'm concerned the graphical buttons are too obnoxious, should some/all of them turn back to text? Do the graphics suck? Let me know!

If it all goes well with no error's I'll update all the other clients. If something catastrophic happens I'll do an ASAP rollback.

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