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MQ2EmuCharacters Major Release - Maudigan

Over the last 18 months the plugin has been completely rewritten from the ground up; almost 8,000 new lines of code. There's too much to explain here so a screenshot and a link to more details will have to suffice.

If you want to try it, you can get a free month of gold membership (the first ten people) by going to and entering the promocode below. You'll need a forum account.


CharBrowser 2.4 (beta) - Maudigan
There is a beta of an updated CharBrowser posted. This is the beginning of implementing Akkadius's database changes. If you've updated your server recently and CharBrowser broke this should fix most of it. Anticipate some minor issues everywhere, and major issues with the AA page (read: AAs don't work)

MQ2EmuCharacters Beta - Maudigan
I put up 2 new beta builds of MQ2EmuCharacters. Details are in the change log

MQ2EmuTiler Posted - Maudigan

As of today the MQ2EmuTiler beta is complete. There was only 1 bug needing to be fixed. I'm taking that as a good sign. I won't bore you with a description, just watch the clip!

MQ2EmuClipper and MQ2WindowTitles has also been included in this build, so mq2emubotman is no-more. There are also new program icons, nothing to crazy. They just look more like the EQ icons. You may have trouble viewing them on your desktop in vista or windows 7. It is a windows vista/7 issue, google how to clear your icon cache.

Titanium Updated - Maudigan
We've been working on getting Titanium up to speed since the download rates have been slowly climbing over the last year. Today we've mostly got it to where it should be by releasing MQ2EmuCharacters, MQ2EmuMap, MQ2EmuInventory, and all the support plugins and modifications that support these three.

These are by far the most game changing plugins that we have up on here and I'm excited to see the feedback on them from a broader audience. Keep in mind that, while these three (and the support plugins) have been used on SoD and Underfoot for some time now, there may still be Titanium specific issues, or issues that went undiscovered from the smaller user base.

If you have issues please don't just live with them, let us know.

MQ2EmuInventory - Maudigan

MQ2EmuInventory is replacing MQ2EmuNetInventory. Basically they function very similar. The primary thing that sets them apart is the new one adopts all the bells and whistles of MQ2EmuCharacters. This means you can display pretty much any kind of information available to MQ in the toons inventory. By default it is already more robust than the old one. It shows your AA/EXP bars for one. It's much more compact, taking up probably around 30-40% less room. The UI files are 100s of times smaller, it runs smoother, more stable, you can even change the way moving items behaves. For example by default it is setup to always pick up an entire stack of items, this stops you from ever getting stuck with the stack confirmation box being up on a remote game window (as was a problem with the old one).

It's maybe not the highest impact change, but it pleases me a great deal that items you pick up will now actually stick to your cursor instead of the old cursor slot.

No documentation yet, for now refer to mq2emucharacters for some guidance on setting up the ini (it works fine right out of the box, fyi), and mq2emunetinventory for default use.

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