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Change Log -> 20 Aug 2017
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Project Lead

20 Aug 2017

Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:36 pm      

This is a big update as far as it's effect on many different parts of MQ and even the site here. It went smoothly, but there's a high likelyhood that I broken something. If you notice any issues at all please make a post or email me.



(Titanium, Underfoot, SoD, RoF, RoF2)

This plugin is deprecated but will continue to work for existing users. It has been removed from new downloads and replaced by the plugin below. I will probably deactivate it a year or two in the future, when that happens you'll be forced to download a new copy. I'm not in a huge hurry to do that, but one of the repairs stops the requirement to store your password in plain text (detailed below) so it does need to eventually happen for everyone's security.



(Titanium, Underfoot, SoD, RoF, RoF2)

MQ2VMQNet.dll was how MQEmulator supporters logged in, but it had some small problems that required a huge rewrite of a lot of code, which is why I've put it off so long. I rebuilt it from the ground up. The biggest problem was the storage of plain text passwords, which is shitty cause it compromises the security of the people that support the site. This new plugin corrects these issues:

Stupid Name:
I changed the name. I think the name of the old plugin (mq2vmqnet) confused people when they were trying to figure out how to log in, and it didn't follow our naming convention.

Multiple Login Attempts:
The old one would spam the server with login attempts, once for every EQ instance. This new version will only login once per computer, regardless of how many EQ sessions you open.

Logging in Each Session:
Like the above issue, if you hadn't logged in before starting EQ, or hadn't setup the ini file, then you'd have to login to every single EQ instance you had open or use a /bca command. The login is per-computer now so one command per PC.

Plain Text Passwords:
The old plugin required you to store your password in plain text in the INI file. This new version uses an authentication token so your password is nowhere on you PC (plain, encrypted, or other).

This is the change I'm the most happy about. Sometimes new users didn't get that they had to log in to use it, which was understandable, but made for a lesser experience. It was common enough that you may have noticed a macro automatically plays the first time you start after downloading. It tells you how to log in. The new changes will automatically log you in without any intervention on your part. It's magic--when you download the site will automatically generate a valid authorization token and seed it into your download. So, you're basically already logged in when you download it.

The plugin is also a little more robust now. There is a TLO you can use to query whether you are logged in, if there are errors, waiting on the server to respond, etc. I also added the "/logged" command which will echo your logged status in the MQ chat window.

Full Documentation Here


(Titanium, Underfoot, SoD, RoF, RoF2)
All of the plugins for gold supporters have had alterations to have them work with MQ2EmuLogin instead of MQ2VMQNet.


(RoF, RoF2)

This corrects an issue where, if you had two items with the same name, it would try and equip the second item even if you already had the first one equiped. Thanks to Natedog for discovering and correcting this issue.

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