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Change Log -> 22 Jul 2017
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Maudigan   Send PM
Project Lead

22 Jul 2017

Sat Jul 22, 2017 2:10 pm      



(Underfoot, SoD, RoF, RoF2)

Modified this so you can use a partial server name for a match for the server list in the [Servers] section. There is an implicit wildcard at the front and back of your server name. So, if you set the server name to "The Grand Creation" it would match against "PEQ - The Grand Creation". This was done because the server names can vary slightly sometimes. The INI has been updated to reflect the shorter search strings.



This plugin lets you generate a target ring (without casting a spell), place the ring, and then reference where you place it using variables. This lets you use the ring to generate coordinate sets to use in macros or hotkeys. This will eventually be added to the other EQ clients.

Documentation is here

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